Student Research

Student Research

3.7.3 Book of Abstracts and Forum Proceedings
3.7.4 Bedan Journal of Psychology Year 2019

Title: The introverts and their leadership style
Author: Micah G. Badillo, Lovely Ann A. Cañafranca,
Jessie Marie B. Lampasa, Elaine A. Nieva

Title: Blessed I am to have overseas Filipino worker (OFW) parents: The reason I want to study
Author: Joaquin Fermin B. Abellar, Angelo Mikhail T. Miole, Laurence Luis A. Lopez

Title: If this is not romantic relationship, I do not want it: Stories of relationships among Filipino young adults
Author: Justine Nestle M. Layos, Dianne Kathleen V. Andal, Maria Selina C. Diaz, Joanne Aubrey G. Rellin

Title: Pamahiin sa persepsyon ng milenyal
Author: Aicah Niña L. Combinido, Julien Michaela G. Bunyi

Title: Lived experiences of adolescent children of San Beda College Alabang (SBCA)
Author:Arianne Cez S. Coronel; Richard E. Dacumos, Ysabela A. Santa Ana, Stephen C. Quioge

Title: : Understanding the employability of college graduates from the perspective of human resource management
Author:Naysa Nica Q. Dumlao; Lyz Chezly C. Camara; Stephen Dave N. Lumyeb

Title: : Self-efficacy and academic performance of students enrolled in board programs of San Beda College Alabang (SBCA)
Author: Adrian Joseph B. Beran, Enrico Antonio B. Calanta, Lazchmi Lizzel D. Canieta

Title: Quality of life and personality traits among middleborn children
Author: Janella Chloie V. Valdez, Denisse Mitzi V. Ramos

Title: Understanding the science of happiness and job satisfaction of San Beda College Alabang (SBCA) employees
Author: Maxine Ethelpearl A. Gentica, Hazel Ann V. Moran

Title: Sleep deprivation and productivity of San Beda College Alabang-College of Arts and Sciences student leaders
Author: Shem-Mia Mangonon, Harvey Joshua Loo; Reynaldo Savet

3.7.5 Journal of Business Marketing Research Year 2019

Title: The “placebo effect” on consumer belief of herbal drink
Author: Freddie T. Esguerra Jr., Thea Angela G. Ignacio, Annzjareine T. Salamat, Jonathan R. Tenorio

Title: SBCA basketball athletes’ buying decision process on athletic footwear
Author: Harold Andrew T. Baleña, Gian Carlo A. Benavidez, Carl Matthew T. Dela Cruz, Eiji A. Katsumata

Title: Factors affecting customer satisfaction the case of naps restaurants
Author: Michael Angelo P. Antenor, Jullie Anne Marie T. Inobio, Angelika Mae T. Katigbak, Nicole L. Togno

Title: Preferences of food concessionaires of fair and square tents and events specialist
Author: Romelli B. Buenafe, Joshua Pocholo A. Castillo, Gerald Patrick Dela Cruz; Vince Gabriel G. Romualdo

Title: Impact of publicity on purchasing life insurance of SBCA faculty members
Author: Elyssa Joselle S. Ambrad, John Andre J. Mangulabnan; Matthew Cole R. Moscardon, Mikko Benjamin C. Ong

Title: The rise of sadvertising: Establishing brand equity through emotional advertising
Author: Bea Carmina N. De Belen; Kayla Angelica Y. Jose; Alexandria Louise L. Natividad

Title: Competitive advantage of e-shopping as perceived by San Beda College Alabang students
Author: Kjell Justine B. Balangue, Sapphira Louise S. Calfoforo, Isabella B. Gaskell

3.7.6 Nuntius: The Bedan Journal of Communication and Media Studies Year 2019

Title: Aelred of Rievaulx’s doctrine on the mirror of charity concealed as spiritual teachings in his liturgical sermons (the first clairvaux collection): A synthetic analysis
Author: Aelred U. Nilo

Title: Exploring the roads to substance-use and recovery
Author: Bethday I. Binay

Title: Educational access and excellence in higher education
Author: Ryan M. Sicat

Title: Experiencing God in cyberspace: The role of cybertechnology in doing theology
Author: Joseph V. Macalanggan

Title: XYZ, Inc. Program development framework for ISF Pnoy fund: A case analysis
Author: Caryl Charlene E. Jimenez

2.4.14 Volume 3 (2016)

Title: 50 shades of Victoria Court: A case study on Victoria Court’s rebranding through social media
Author: Eugene Nicklaus S. Laqui, Martella Aljuni T. Soquena

Title: A textual analysis on the representation of Visayan people in comedy films by Jose Javier Reyes
Author: Nicca Patricia D. Marcelino, Aidan M. Fajardo

Title: Breaking islamophobia: A study regarding the evolution of Muslim representation in Philippine film from 2001 to 2017
Author: Pauline Gabrielle A. Frayco, Marlon M. Amorin Jr. Year 2018

Title: One heart, one in values: A content analysis on the portrayal of basic Filipino values in Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho 2016-2017 episodes
Author: Arienne Venice Dizon, Erika Pearl Isip

Title: An audience analysis among the different module techniques used in conducting light groups in the Youth Ministry of Feast Bellevue Alabang
Author: Melamie Ryanne Antonio, Bianca Liv Mangila, Melissa Trillanes

Title: A study on the popularity of Lincoln Velasquez’s vlogs (CongTV) despite its vulgarity
Author: Kiara Juessamine Poblete, Centee Reyes

Title: Papa ko rin, beauty queen (A father can be a beauty queen): A content analysis on the film Die Beuatiful
Author: Jeanina Buevaventura, Kimberly Anne Carpio

Title: A study on Jollibee’s kwentong Jollibee advertisements
Author: Antonio Luis P. Caniza, Jessica Mae P. Lopez

Title: Rise of the maindie: The role of mainstream artists in Filipino independent films
Author: Mary Louise R. Calaycay, Ma. Samantha Beatrice M. Geronimo

Title: Behind the bloglines: A discussion of different social issues on lifestyles, fashion, and travel blog
Author: Jaime-Ross L. Almendral, Charlayne Marie C. Bautista

Title: The image of Antonio Luna through time in Philippine art, literature, and film
Author: Sheresh Eunice Cortes, Rafael Alfonso Duran, Charmaine Navarro

Title: Branding of San Beda College through NCAA basketball tournament
Author:: John Raymond Arboleda, Prince Adam Zuñiga

3.7.7 Bedan Journal of International Studies Year 2019

Title: Perception of the Ibaloi tribe towards the implementation of the Indigenous Peoples’ Rights Act of 1997
Author: Ana Nichole C. Alejar, Alyssa Anne D. Enierga, Jasmine Mariam B. Rasuman

Title: An assessment of the reproductive healthcare system for women in Muntinlupa City, Philippines
Author: Camille Ann D. Cedo, Danielle Zyra K. Diwa

Title: Perceptions of Filipinos on Korean food as a result of gastrodiplomacy in the Philippines
Author: Patrixia L. Lopena, Alexa Jane M. Rio, Cassandra Mae N. Rodriguez

Title: The Rohingya crisis viewed through the lens of the ASEAN intergovernmental commission on human rights (AICHR) framework
Author: Faith J. Medina, Jane Angelica B. Olip, Jerica Lourraine T. Tan

Title: An analysis on the food waste management systems of selected hotels in Metro Manila
Author: Alexia Kassandra M. Domingo, Gabrielle Megan N. Olpindo, Dannielle Nikoli Ordanza

Title: Issues encountered by the Airbnb hosts engaging in the Airbnb platform in Tagaytay
Author: Mariah Angella P. Balang, Jhul Kathryn Anne Lourdes C. Palo

Title: Tourism to the lifestyle of the Pundaquit boat Owners’ Association (PFBOA) members
Author: Catherine S. Alcalde, Jenine Kylah A. Cuajao, Aubray C. Tiongson

Title: The economic impact of agricultural tourism on the local farmers of Buro-buro Springs vermi farm in Talisay City, Negros Occidental
Author: Aiko Mae D. Bartolome, Irene Joy A. Cordeniera, Janine Beatrice F. Trozado

3.7.8 Information Technology Student Journal