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“The wealth of this world is uncertain. Today’s gains are tomorrow’s losses” (Ogao, 2020).

There are countless blessings that we have received from God. But how do we use them? Do we use them only to benefit ourselves, or do we share them to enrich other people’s lives?

Today’s point of reflection is focused on Stewardship. Let us join Ms. Aileen Ogao, Campus Minister-Bedan Identity Mission Office, as she gives her reflection about the Benedictine Hallmark of Stewardship on the eighth day of our novena in honor of St. Benedict.

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"Humility is accepting the truth—the truth that each individual is a valuable member of the community. Everyone is a gift; each is Christ" (San Mateo, 2020).

As created by our loving God in his own image and likeness, we possess in our being that sense of uniqueness. All of us are special. God bestowed on each person different gifts and talents to enhance his/her very being, to reach the purpose of his/her life. Yet sometimes, that sense of uniqueness is lost when we become selfish and think only about ourselves. We forget the importance and value of other people around us. How are we going to find our way back to our uniqueness? We will only find our authenticity as a human being when we are humble. But what does "humility" really means?

Let us join Dr. Andres Ignacio C. San Mateo Jr., Vice President for Academic Affairs, as he reflects on the meaning and value of the Benedictine Hallmark of Humility on the seventh day of novena in honor of St. Benedict.

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"The pandemic has shown us that despite all the advances we have made, we are not in control" (Gatmaitan, 2020).

Our experience of the quarantine awakens in us the need to reorder, refocus, and reawaken our faith in God.
In the midst of the seeming hopelessness and helplessness we experience because of the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Lord invites us to reorder, refocus, and reawaken ourselves. Let us reflect on the Benedictine Hallmark of Discipline and pray together with Ms. Arlyn Gatmaitan, Head of the Bedan Identity and Mission Office, on the sixth day of our novena to Saint Benedict.

Last Updated (Tuesday, 07 July 2020 11:15)

"The first step of humility is unhesitating obedience, which comes naturally to those who cherish Christ above all" (Rule of Saint Benedict 5:1-2).
What does obedience mean? Why do I need to obey? Whom should I obey? Let us join Dom Clement Ma. Roque, OSB, Vice President for Finance, as he reflects on the Benedictine Hallmark of Obedience on the fifth day of our novena to Saint Benedict.

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"Saint Benedict is inviting us to keep our hearts and minds open to the ways of God that are moving us" (Escullar, 2020).

Let us journey together as we learn to conform to Christ by turning away from sin and by living a life of faith. Conversatio, our gradual transformation to the values of Christ, plays a vital role in our spiritual life as Christians. On the fourth day of our novena to Saint Benedict, Mr. Ferdinand Escullar of the Center for Campus Ministry invites us to trust in the Spirit of God in casting away all hindrances that keep us from following Christ's footsteps.

You may send your prayer intentions, reflections, and comments to our campus ministers at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .