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LAW111 - Persons & Family Relations

A basic course on the law of persons and the family which first views the effect and application of laws and the law on human relations, and then proceeds to examine the legal norms affecting civil personality, marriage, property relations between husband and wife, legal separation, the matrimonial regimes of absolute community, conjugal partnership of gains and complete separation of property, family, paternity and filiation, adoption, guardianship, support, parental authority, surnames, absences and emancipation, including the rules of procedure relative to the foregoing. Cases, recitations and lectures: 5 hours a week - 5 units.

LAW112 – Criminal Law 1

A detailed examination into the characteristics of criminal law, the nature of felonies, stages of execution, circumstances affecting criminal liability, persons criminally liable, the extent and extinction of criminal liability as well as the civil liability of the offender, what it includes, and the extinction and survival of civil liability, as well as understanding of penalties in criminal law, their nature and theories, classes, crimes, habitual delinquency, juvenile delinquency, the Indeterminate Sentence Law and the Probation Law. The course covers Articles 1 – 113 of the Revised Penal Code and related laws. Cases, recitations and lectures: 4 hours a week - 4 units

LAW114 – Constitutional Law 1

A survey and evaluation of basic principles dealing with the structure of the Philippine Government. Cases, recitations and lectures: 3 hours a week - 3 units.

LAW116 – Statutory Construction

A course that explores the use and force of statutes and the principles and methods of their construction and interpretation. Cases, recitations and lectures: 2 hours a week - 2 units.

LAW117 – Legal Research & Bibliography

A course in the use of law books and principles of legal research, including a probe into the methodology of legal research and the preparartion of legal opinions, memoranda, expository or critical, on any subject approved by the professor-in-charge. Lectures, recitations, readings and practical work: 2 hours a week - 2 units.

LAW118 – Legal Profession

The history and development of legal profession in the Philippines, its current problems, goals, and the role in society. Cases, recitations and lectures: 1 hour a week - 1 unit.

LAW101 – Seminar 1 (SBC Requirement)

This course covers two theological principles: (a) encountering Jesus Christ in Sacred Scripture, both Old and New Testaments, and (b) encountering Jesus Christ in the life and mission of the Church with particular stress on fundamental and contemporary moral and social issues. Recitations, readings and lectures: 1 hour a week - 1 unit.