SBCA Home Study Programs Integrated Basic Education Middle Grade School Department's Goals
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In keeping with the institutional goals, San Beda College Alabang Grade School aims to develop a pupil who is a truly Catholic Christian Filipino imbued with Benedictine ideals, and intellectually, socially, and morally prepared for high school. A Grade School graduate is therefore expected to be:

  1. A Catholic Christian who:
      • answers questions on the basis of his Faith within his level of understanding;
      • recites the common prayers correctly and devotedly;
      • takes part reverently in liturgical services;
      • participates in Mass on Sundays and holidays of obligation and receives Holy Communion and other sacraments;
      • shares his time, talent, and money with others;
      • accepts his faults, asks forgiveness from, and makes amends to people he has offended;
      • treats others equally well regardless of their color, beliefs, or social standing;
      • uses clean and wholesome speech;
      • respects and values his property and that of others; and¬†radiates Christ in all aspects of his being.
  2. A Benedictine who:
    • is well-mannered, refined in language and in behavior;
    • works willingly and peacefully with others and loves learning & working;
    • maintains silence whenever necessary;
    • contributes to the building of community;
    • accepts success with humility and failure with optimism;
    • talks proudly about his school, its system, and the Benedictine history;
    • seeks perfection in everything he does for the glory of God; and lives a life of prayer

  3. A Filipino who:
    • possesses adequate self-confidence and self-respect;
    • practices sound Filipino values;
    • stands at attention and sings the national anthem properly whenever the Philippine flag is raised;
    • recites the Pledge of Allegiance or "Panunumpa sa Watawat" with the understanding that each line is meant to be lived by Filipinos like him;
    • asks and writes Filipino with pride;
    • relates historical events, national symbols, and heroes of his country to his own life;
    • participates actively in discussions concerning current issues within his level of understanding;
    • keeps abreast with current scientific and technological changes, discoveries, and inventions;
    • takes part in projects and activities geared toward community and national development;
    • exercises his freedom with responsibility.