Graduate School Vision, Mission, Motto



                 To provide the graduate students the culture of
intellectual, professional, and morally upright life, based on the teachings of St.
Benedict on Leadership, Integrity, and Competence. 
              San Beda College Alabang is committed advocate for the professional
development and lifelong learning, promote the acceptance of a diverse community
and devote the efforts and resources to scholarly research among graduate students.


              The motto of the Graduate School is Leadership, Integrity, and Competence. 

The Graduate School Seal


           DOVES symbolize in Christian art with Blessed Mary as a symbol of care,

devotion, purity, and peace.

TOWER depicts the intellectual pursuit of students for advancedknowledge.

           LAUREL LEAVES depict the long term vision in one’s professional life

where the student understands the “big picture” towards the future.

           CROWN imparts honor being a student of the SBCA Graduate School.