2021 - 2022


We, the Student Admission and Testing Center of San Beda College Alabang, aim to provide admission and testing services through efficient screening of prospective students and competent assessment of present and future members of the organization. We delight in serving as the front door to welcome, recruit and admit a diverse student population that will best fit the Institution. We work collaboratively with other offices/units to provide accurate data necessary for the promotion of personal and educational development and well-being of the members of the Bedan community.


To be recognized as a proactive unit of the Institution that provides excellent academic services anchored on an Admission Program that is systematic, inclusive, informative and supportive of the goals of San Beda College Alabang, and an Assessment Program that is comprehensive, research-oriented, reliable and valid vital in the holistic formation of a Bedan learner, leader, and citizen.


General Admission Policy

Student applicants who are interested in studying at San Beda College Alabang are required to undergo the admission screening process, which provides the Board of Admissions with data to determine the acceptability of the students.
The Board of Admissions evaluates student applicants based on the following:
  1. Results of Entrance Examination given by the SBCA Admissions and Testing Center
  2. Grades and Deportment: no final grade lower than 80% in any subject, no failing grade in any grading period, a deportment grade of at least B (satisfactory) or its numerical equivalent.
  3. Student Academic and Discipline Appraisal (recommendation) from either class adviser, guidance counselor, former teacher, discipline officer and/or any person of authority of the Institution where the student last attended
  4. Performance at interview, if interviewed.
  5. Medical Clearance (fit to enroll) obtained from the SBCA Health Services Department (Clinic)

Recommendation Forms

Integrated Basic Education (PreK-10)
Senior High School (SHS)
College of Arts and Sciences (CAS)
Graduate School
School of Law (SOL)