The EHSO is primarily responsible for the planning, implementation and evaluation of programs and policies regarding environmental management, effective resource utilization, provisions for health and safety, and in coordinating the delivery of allied administrative services.

The EHSO spearheads SBCA’s drive against the Covid-19 pandemic and in other emergency/crisis situations and leads the Health & Safety Coordinating Committee (HSCC) to provide the school with the resources and support needed in enterprise risk management in order to successfully continue business operations, limit liability and disruptions, and keep employees, students and the stakeholders healthy and safe.


The EHSO & the HSCC’s COVID 19 PANDEMIC RESPONSE has the following objectives:
  • Provide critical, strategic guidance and support needed to navigate the school’s transition to the new normal guided by advisories and directives of experts from concerned government agencies;

  • Plan a crisis response, answer complex situational questions, and tackle the short and long terms obstacles associated with the impact of COVID-19;

  • Prepare necessary guidelines/protocol for emergency response/transition to New Normal.

  • Implement the guidelines/protocols required for the New Normal in the workplace.

Data Privacy & Protection

oversees the implementation and compliance with the data privacy law.  Provides relevant information and advisory regarding issues affecting data privacy of the school’s stakeholders. In compliance with the provisions of law regarding the mandatory designation of a Data Protection Officer, the EHSO Manager was designated to perform said functions.


In compliance with the provisions of the  Data Privacy Act of 2012 (R.A. 10173), San Beda College Alabang proclaims its commitment to the protection of the privacy of all its stakeholders, such as students, faculty members, service personnel, parents,  and third-party service providers/suppliers, from whom the College collects and/or processes personal information in order to achieve its mandated obligations, rights, and responsibilities as an institution for learning.

Thus, the College, through its Data Privacy & Protection Manual, will endeavor to secure, safeguard and maintain the confidentiality of the personal information that it collects, retains and stores, and may possibly share as allowed by law. The SBCA Data Privacy & Protection Manual conforms to the provisions of R.A. 10173 and its implementing Rules and Regulations as well as to other related laws.