The Administrative Services Division is a major pillar in providing various support services to the San Beda College Alabang’s key stakeholders. It is primarily concerned with the management of the human and material resources of the school. Its focus areas of operation are human resource management, athletics development, information & communications technology, environment, health & safety, and data privacy & protection. The sub-areas of operation are physical plant maintenance & development, health services, and various general utility services (transportation, security, janitorial, and reproduction/printing).




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Room 11H, St. Benedict Hall
8 Don Manolo Blvd., Alabang Hills Village, Alabang,
1770 Muntinlupa CityP.O. Box 402 Ayala Alabang
(02) 8809-1793 Loc. 106
(02) 8809-1794


The Athletics Office plans, implements and evaluates athletic programs and other sports development activities of San Beda College Alabang. The Office organizes and spearheads the training of student-athletes for in- and off-campus competitions. The main varsity program provides scholarship grants to deserving student-athletes who have shown potential in their respective sports area.  The Office is also directly in charge of managing the school’s sports and athletic facilities and equipment. Among notable facilities include the sports complex, football field, the open gym, covered courts, swimming pool, dance studio, etc.


The Varsity Program involves three (3) divisions:
Grade School
Junior and Senior High School
Varsity teams in different sports are formed to represent the school and compete in interschool sports competitions.
Our varsity teams compete in the following sports events:
Table Tennis
Football / Futsal
Teams in PE/Club sports like Arnis and Athletics (Track & Field) are formed for certain competitions.


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    DepEd-NCR Palaro
  • null
    League of Southern Manila Schools (LSMS)
  • null
    Metro Manila Basketball League (MMBL)
  • null
    Men’s National Collegiate Athletic Association (MNCAA)
  • Muntinlupa Division Meet
  • null
    National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA-SOUTH)
  • Private Schools Athletic Development Association (PRADA)
  • null
    Private Schools Athletic Association (PRISAA)
  • Private Schools Basketball League (PSBL)
  • null
    Palarong Pambansa
  • null
    Rizal Football Association (RIFA)
  • Women’s Basketball League (WBL)
  • null
    Women’s National Collegiate Athletic Association (WNCAA)
  • Women’s Collegiate Sports Association (WCSA)
  • Women’s Volleyball League (WVL)




The Information and Communication Technology Services (ICTS) provides above standard technical and operational feasibility support role in acquiring all business support systems used in San Beda College Alabang. It is in-charge of upkeeping the in-house IT, Communication, and CCTV Infrastructure of the school that currently possesses 2 high-speed internet systems. Recently, the Office had established a service ticketing system to provide a more organized way of delivering service to its clientele. A feedback mechanism system to evaluate the quality of its services will soon be available.


The Office is in-charge of the ICTS core services, which includes but not limited to the following general classifications:

  • PC Technical Support

  • Email System Support

  • Core System Support

  • Network System Support

  • Telephone and CCTV Support


The ICTS Ticketing System is a locally developed Windows Client Application that documents all service request made . The ticketing system serves as a service request scheduler. Request are made through phone calls or direct request (ICTS field personnel) . Both are logged for proper documentation. For a new service request, this is being recorded with these data:

  • Date Requested

  • Person Requesting

  • Email Address and Location

  • Work Rational

  • IT Personnel Assigned and Category

    (PC Technical Support, Email System Support, Core System Support, Network System Support, Telephone Services)

The system is equipped with employee’s database which consists of their employee Id, full name, and their email address to facilitate ease in recording . The IT helpdesk staff is the one responsible to email (built-in emailing system) the client for the said request and to indicate the status of the request, whether it be Pending, Cancelled, Accomplished. In this system, email is used for feedback mechanism. Once the request was done, client must send a reply via email to the IT helpdesk to validate if service was accomplished.




The EHSO is primarily responsible for the planning, implementation and evaluation of programs and policies regarding environmental management, effective resource utilization, provisions for health and safety, and in coordinating the delivery of allied administrative services.

The EHSO spearheads SBCA’s drive against the Covid-19 pandemic and in other emergency/crisis situations and leads the Health & Safety Coordinating Committee (HSCC) to provide the school with the resources and support needed in enterprise risk management in order to successfully continue business operations, limit liability and disruptions, and keep employees, students and the stakeholders healthy and safe.


The EHSO & the HSCC’s COVID 19 PANDEMIC RESPONSE has the following objectives:
  • Provide critical, strategic guidance and support needed to navigate the school’s transition to the new normal guided by advisories and directives of experts from concerned government agencies;

  • Plan a crisis response, answer complex situational questions, and tackle the short and long terms obstacles associated with the impact of COVID-19;

  • Prepare necessary guidelines/protocol for emergency response/transition to New Normal.

  • Implement the guidelines/protocols required for the New Normal in the workplace.

Data Privacy & Protection

oversees the implementation and compliance with the data privacy law.  Provides relevant information and advisory regarding issues affecting data privacy of the school’s stakeholders. In compliance with the provisions of law regarding the mandatory designation of a Data Protection Officer, the EHSO Manager was designated to perform said functions.


In compliance with the provisions of the  Data Privacy Act of 2012 (R.A. 10173), San Beda College Alabang proclaims its commitment to the protection of the privacy of all its stakeholders, such as students, faculty members, service personnel, parents,  and third-party service providers/suppliers, from whom the College collects and/or processes personal information in order to achieve its mandated obligations, rights, and responsibilities as an institution for learning.

Thus, the College, through its Data Privacy & Protection Manual, will endeavor to secure, safeguard and maintain the confidentiality of the personal information that it collects, retains and stores, and may possibly share as allowed by law. The SBCA Data Privacy & Protection Manual conforms to the provisions of R.A. 10173 and its implementing Rules and Regulations as well as to other related laws.


Health Services devices and implements the health programs and policies of the San Beda College Alabang. It also provides a first-aid response to stakeholders who are in need of immediate medical attention. The services it offers are provision for medicines for common illnesses/ailments, dental and routine physical check-ups for students. The Office likewise promotes advocacy programs such as vaccination and general wellness campaigns.

The Health Services Department has two clinics on the campus:

  • Clinic I (Main Clinic)

    located on G/F St. Maur Building

  • Clinic 2

    located on the G/F St. Bede Building.


We aim to be the best school health service facility appropriately equipped with committed readiness to respond to health concerns and the safety of our stakeholders within the school community.


To institute a holistic medical and dental health program that will ensure and bring about the following:
1. Promotion of wellness, care and safety among stakeholders
2. Collaboration with other health agencies in response to emergent health concerns and contingencies
3. Cooperation in sharing ideas and learned experiences with other sectors as a social responsibility



Re-Asphalting of Tennis Court (Ready for Painting)

St. Benedict Multi-Purpose Hall (SBMH)

Athlete’s Quarter Renovation

Athlete’s Quarter Renovation

St. Benedict Multi-Purpose Hall (SBMH)
Industrial Arts Working Area

Junior High School Hallway- CTK

Montserrat Multi-Purpose Center and Offices

Christmas 2020 - Belen

Physical Plant

primarily in charge of the maintenance, construction and development of the school’s buildings and facilities. Provides repair and maintenance work to ensure that the buildings and facilities are functional, safe, and aesthetically pleasing.

General Utility Services

delivers administrative support services such as transportation, security, janitorial & sanitation, and reproduction & printing.