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School of Law Applicants

1.) Admission fee: P1,200.00 (non-refundable and to be paid at the Cashier, Finance Department)

2.)  Documents to be submitted upon application:

                 2.1   ( )  Duly accomplished application form

     2.2   ( )  Recommendation from the Dean

            and Instructor or Guidance Counselor

           from the former/current school

            (Use SBCA Recommendation Forms)

     2.3   ( )  Certificate of Good Moral Character

             from the former/current school

     2.4   ( )  Certified true copy of grades or

      Transcript of Records for evaluation

    2.5   ( )  If transcript of records is not available yet, Submit the following:

  • Certificate of Eligibility to Transfer/Transfer Credential/ Honorable Dismissal (Photocopy) (Not required for SBCA graduates)
  • Certificate of candidacy for graduation (Photocopy)

2.6   ( )  2 pcs. 2”x 2” pictures w/ white background 

2.7   ( )  Photocopy of NSO birth certificate

2.8   ( )  Photocopy of baptismal certificate

2.9   ( )  Long brown envelope

   (With name of applicant in PRINT at the upper left hand corner) Ex. DELA CRUZ, JUAN JR. P.


1.)  Applicant may be required to submit other documents not mentioned above on a case to case basis upon evaluation of admission application.

2.)  All documents submitted shall not be returned and shall become the  property of the school.

3.) Applicants must have pursued and satisfactorily completed a

     Bachelor’s degree in an authorized and recognized college or

     university and have earned: 18 units of English, 18 units of

     Social Science, and 6 units of Mathematics.

     (Applicants who passed the entrance examination but lack the

     required number of units may conditionally be admitted, but must

     satisfy these requirements before admission to the next level.) 

4.) Once admitted the following requirements are to be submitted to the Registrar’s Office upon  enrollment:

  • Original Copy of the Official Transcript of Records with Special Order Number and with remarks “For Further Studies” or “Copy for San Beda College Alabang School of Law”
  • If TOR is not yet available:
    • Certificate of Eligibility to Transfer/Transfer Credential/ Honorable Dismissal(Not required for SBCA graduates)
    • Certificate of Graduation
  • Original Copy of the NSO Birth Certificate
  • If married, Original Copy of the NSO Marriage Contract (Female applicants only)
  • If working student, Certificate of employment indicating working hours
  • Certified true copy of Special Order Number (S.O) from the Registrar of last school attended (Exempted to submit S.O: graduates of state universities and of colleges/universities that are included in the roster of private higher education institutions with autonomy or deregulated status)

 In the absence of the TOR & Certified true copy of Special 

  Order Number (S.O), submit Registrar’s certification

  from previous College/University, stating the DATE when

  the credential/s will be released; or a photocopy of the receipt/s

       of your request for the document/s if the College/University is

       not issuing such certification.

For inquiries, visit or call:
St. Benedict Hall

Tel. No.: 236-7222 loc. 1080; Telefax 809-7047
 or write to:
The Admissions and Testing Center
San Beda College Alabang P.O. Box 402 Ayala Alabang