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          Faculty members and administrators attended the 6th Faculty Research Forum held last October 3, 2018 in the Coffee Area of SOL & MBA Library at the second floor of Our Lady of Montserrat Building. The two (2) presenters were the 3rd and 4th to accomplish their faculty research papers last Academic Year, 2017 – 2018. 


 Rector-President Dom Clement Ma. H. Roque, OSB delivers his opening remarks.


       Mr. Alvin de Leon, a Grade 4 licensed guidance counselor, presented his research paper entitled, “Students Decision-Making that Influence their Career Choice”. He discussed  labor mismatch which happens to graduating students and gave emphasis on the importance of an effective Career Guidance Program so they would not end up choosing a career that does not match their skills, interest, and strengths.


 Mr. De Leon  discusses his study on labor mismatch and decision-making of students

on their career choice.

 Link: Students Decision-Making that Influence their Career Choice Summary


      Dr. Rica Ancheta, the Chairperson of the Religious Studies and Philosophy Department of College of Arts and Sciences, presented her research paper entitled “A Feminist Analysis of the Holocaust”, which reechoes Melissa Raphael’s (Author, “The Female Face of God in Auschwitz”) complaint about the obliteration of feminine representation during the post-holocaust era. She enlightened the audience with the significance of a female representation during the time of Holocaust.


 Ms. Ancheta shares the absence of feminine representation

on the post-Holocaust theologies.

Link: A Feminist Analysis of the Holocaust Summary


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