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Red Homilies

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Good morning! Viva Sto Nino!

My dear Bedans, friends and guests there are many amazing THINGS that are going to happen this coming three days,here at San Beda College Alabang.

Let us celebrate and honor the SANTO NINO with our "KALINGANG BEDISTA, KALIGTASAN NG KALIKASAN." In our revelry let us remember this earth in which the Lord Jesus came in, the place we live in, where our the campus is situated.


In our school we have Forests (actually a mini forest). Forests are home to over half of the world’s animals and plants. Trees clean the air and produce oxygen for us to breathe. We destroy more than 36 football fields of forests every minute and throw away thousands of trees in paper and card every day.

Then, we have the oceans home to millions of marine animals. They absorb the sun’s heat, transfer it to the atmosphere and move it around the world. Sad to say, A lot of the rubbish we produce on land pollutes the oceans. Turtles mistake plastic bags for jellyfish and die when they eat them.

At opposite ends of the world, the Arctic and Antarctic are freezing cold lands. It is so cold that the sea is covered in ice. But the fuel we use for energy makes the climate warmer. As it gets warmer, the ice melts and the sea rises. The land disappears.

Rivers collect rainwater and carry it to the oceans. Along the way, plants absorb and clean the water so it is safe for us to drink. Farms and factories pollute the rivers with pesticides and chemicals and every day we each flush about 50 litres of water down the toilet.

What have we done to our nature, to our mother Earth?

Our Holy Father Saint Benedict wrote in his rule as guidelines to live in the community: "There should be chosen from the community someone who is wise, mature in conduct, temperate, not excessive eater, not proud, excitable, offensive, dilatory or wasteful but GOD FEARING, and like a father to the whole community ... He will regard all utensils and goods of the EARTH (monastery) as SACRED VESSEL OF THE ALTAR, aware that nothing is to be neglected." RB 31:1-2, 10

In other words WE CHRISTIANS AND BEDANS are chosen. Then we must be TRUE CHRISTIAN-BEDAN! We must live the teachings of Saint Benedict. We are challenged to be GOOD STEWARDS OF THE EARTH. Bedans be wise wise, mature in conduct, not wasteful but GOD FEARING!

Pope Francis said, "When we speak of the “environment,” what we really mean is a relationship existing between nature, and the society which lives in it. Nature cannot be regarded as something separate from ourselves, or as a mere setting in which we live. We are part of nature, included in it, and thus in constant interaction with it."

Fellow Bedans, friends and guests let us not forget that the natural environment, and man’s social environment, are two sides of a single reality in crisis today.

This is our challenge today, to live in a green world, where people respect nature and live a long and healthy life. Wouldn’t you like to live here?


Paalala ngayong piyesta ng Sto Nino, huwag magkalat, huwag matapon ... ang tunay na Bedan inaalagaan ang kalikasan!

Bilang Hermano Mayor at sa patnubay ng Dios, I now formally open the Sto Nino Festival! - Rev. Fr. Aelred Nilo, OSB


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