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1.)   Admission fee: PhP550.00 (non-refundable and to be paid at the Cashier, Finance Department).
2.)   Documents to be submitted upon application:
2.1  ( ) Duly accomplished application form
2.2  ( ) Recommendation obtained from either the School Principal, Adviser, Mentor, Discipline Head or Guidance Counselor. (Use SBCA Student Academic and Discipline Appraisal Form)
2.3  ( ) English translation and duly authenticated (“Consularization” or “Red-Ribbon” ) by the Philippine Foreign Service  located at the student applicant’s country of origin of the following:
2.3.1   ( ) Certificate of Year level completed from the last school attended (with school’s dry seal)or Certificate of Graduation (Photocopy and Original)
2.3.2    ( ) Transcript of records with corresponding numerical equivalence or interpretation (with school’s dry seal) (Photocopy and Original)
Note: Authentication of transcript of records / report cards is not required for applicants previously enrolled in Elementary and Secondary Philippine school or Philippine recognized schools abroad.
2.4  ( ) Birth Certificate (Photocopy and Original)
2.5  ( ) Baptismal Certificate (Photocopy and Original)
2.6  ( ) 2 pcs. 2”x 2” ID Pictures w/ white background
2.7  ( ) San Beda College Alabang Envelope (With name of applicant in PRINT at the upper left hand corner) Ex. DELA CRUZ, JUAN JR. P.
The Admissions and Testing Center reserves the right to decline applications that have not met the criteria set by the Board of Admissions. Incomplete documents will not be endorsed to the Board of Admissions for further evaluation.
Note:  Applicant may be required to submit other documents not mentioned above on a case to case basis upon evaluation of admission application.
All documents submitted shall not be returned and shall become the property of the school.